3D Monitoring

No more neck contortions to check a fluid level. Eyeball is the only sight glass with a patented 3D bulb design, allowing a quick and clear view from any angle!  

Fluid Versatility

Eyeball Sight Glasses take just seconds to install or rebuild and can be used in a myriad of automotive, specialty vehicle and industrial equipment applications.

Find the Perfect Fit

Clearly Different

No cheap plastic or fragile glass here. Eyeball's level indicators use only the highest quality materials; made of solid brass, steel and stainless steel, which won't rust into the tank and a special polymer bulb design that is impervious to antifreeze, hydraulic oils, gasoline, oils and many other liquids. This combination of materials creates a superior performing sight glass with reliable viewing. Not only is this a high quality sight glass with unique features, it is competitively priced to deliver maximum value.